Military Service & Veterans




                            The following classmates have served our country in the

Armed Forces of the United States.

Please "Contact Us" and advise us of your service information and we will post it below.


They Served Their Country!


Zebedee Allen

   ♦ US Army 

Larry Avery 

    ♦ USMC

David Biggs 

    ♦ US Navy (enlisted)

    ♦ US Air Force (officer)

Anthony Melvin Campbell 

    ♦ US Navy

    ♦ US Air Force

Wynne Dunn

   ♦ US Air Force

Pamela Hooker Dumas 

   ♦ US Army

Joe Edwards

    ♦ US Navy

Walter Egerton

    ♦ US Army

Dave Goetze 

    ♦ US Army

Ronny Guess

    ♦ US Navy

G.C. Hodge

    ♦ US Air Force

John Beryl Jones

   ♦ US Air Force

 Randy Jones  

    ♦ US Navy Reserve from '74-'78 in VP-68, a subhunting squadron on the US Atlantic Coast

    ♦ US Army National Guard in Raleigh @ RDU - 28th AVN Batn. now 130th AVN.  I served    until 1992 with one tour in Desert Storm   

Bernard Keaney   

    ♦ US Army  

Alexander Kelley

    ♦ US Army

Jim Lail

    ♦ US Navy

Jorge Lagomasino

    ♦ US Navy

Mike Lloyd

    ♦ USMC 

Donald McClamb

    ♦ US Army

Mike Michaels

    ♦ US Navy

Stanley Moses

    ♦ US Army

Grigg Mullen

   ♦ US Army Corps of Engineers

Samuel Howard Ranzino

    ♦ US Navy

Bill Sigmon

   US Navy 

Donnie H. Smith

   ♦ US Army

Cherie Stevens

    ♦ US Navy

Bart White

    ♦ US Army

Clementine Jolley Wilson

     ♦ US Army



Tomb of the Unknown - Arlington National Cemetery - Washington, D.C.


Wreaths Across America - Arlington National Cemetery - Washington, D.C.